Spending a day away from property

UPDATE: We ended up booking a local hotel via the Hotels Tonight app. The app itself if great. The hotel was not.

Don’t get me wrong, we paid around $50 for the night, so we couldn’t expect too much.

The rooms had been recently remodeled, which meant new paint and furniture on top of the same old tile. The room smelled musty and the mattresses were terrible.

After driving all day from Atlanta, I was really second guessing my decision and wishing I was on property. But, in the end, I saved $150 over thr course of just a few hours I was asleep anyhow. If nothing else, it made me appreciate how wonderful our Disney hotel was for the rest of the trip.



For our upcoming trip, we are spending Saturday night outside of Orlando. Our current passes don’t allow us to spend Saturday in the park, so we thought we could use the time to see some friends and save a night in a hotel.

However, that means switching from Animal Kingdom Lodge to Saratoga Springs. Is it worth it? We’ll let you know.

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