The secrets to ‘rider swap’ at Disney World parks

Rider swap is something that Disney offers, but doesn’t publicize very well. It allows you to “swap out” members of your party who do not meet the height restrictions for a ride.
Some things to keep in mind when getting a rider swap pass:
  • It is important to keep in mind that rider swap only applies to height restriction rides such as roller coasters.
  • It does not apply to rides that have no restriction and only restrain with a lap belt (i.e. Dumbo, Small World, Peter Pan, etc.).
  • Disney does not care if you don’t want to ride with your infant (to, say, make sure your score on Toy Story Midway Mania is not impeded by holding said¬†infant). They will not issue a rider swap for rides without height restrictions.
To get a rider swap pass:
  1. Go to the ride entrance with your entire party (to prove you are eligible for a rider swap)
  2. Tell the Cast Member you need a ride swap. They will likely see you coming and have one ready.
  3. They will give you a ticket, similar to the old fastpass tickets, that the second rider will hold on to.
  4. The first rider can then enter the line with the entire party (minus the second rider and small kid) in either the fastpass line, if you have a fastpass for that ride, or the regular line.
  5. Once the first rider is done they can swap with the second rider.
Up to 4 people can ride again with the second rider. This works great for older children, they get to ride the ride twice! The second rider with the rest of the party will then wait in the fastpass line. Some rides, like Splash Mountain have a slight variation to the rider swap process outlined above, but the basic concept and rules are the same.
Also, the rider swap is typically good for the entire day, ad sometimes longer. So, you don’t have to immediately ride the ride again. You can come back later in the day if needed.

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